Celebrity DJ Private Ryan

The current global pandemic COVID-19 has significantly impacted the world and we can expect to feel the effects of this for some time to come.

We are on a mission to inject some positive energy into all communications channels and use the power of music to bring people together and create a movement that will be a source of healing as well as a vehicle for assistance to the less fortunate.

“Love is Life and Life is Love…blessings from above”

Fuelling an initiative to give back, DJ Private Ryan (Ryan Alexander), Freetown Collective and Caribbean Ideas Synapse (CIS) have joined forces to launch the “Feel the Love” Movement.

CIS spokesperson Brevard Nelson told Guardian Media: “We believed that there is an opportunity to share positive messages and facilitate giving back, not just in T&T but to the world, and as such our entities have come together to launch the ‘Feel the Love’ Movement.

As part of this movement we have dubbed May the “Month of Love” and during this month we intend to showcase the different ways that people love – eg love of self, love of charity, love of family, love of friends and focus on pushing more positive messages through all channels of communication.”

Interestingly, principals of the three entities (Freetown’s Muhammad Muwakil, Alexander and Nelson) all attended St Mary’s College.

There will be two landmark events that will happen during this month, beginning with a Charity Soca Brainwash (SBW) event, scheduled for today, May 9, which is going to be an online charity drive which is open to the world to lift the spirits of SBW fans as well as allow them to contribute to our effort to help the less fortunate.

Nelson added: “Also, on the last day of the month of love we will host a ‘Day of love’, where there will be live performances and we will premiere the ‘Feel the Love’ video.

Fans and anyone who has been moved by the music will be encouraged to post videos and pictures showing the different ways that they express their love using special hashtags and they will be included as part of the worldwide movement.

“Additionally, we will be selecting a few of these expressions from fans to be included in the final Feel the Love video.

“Stay tuned to @feeltheloveworldwide on IG and FB and log on to www.feeltheloveworldwide.com for details.”