File picture: An oil spill washes ashore in Chaguaramas.

Environmental watchdog group, Fishermen and Friends of the Sea (FFOS) says it has received reports that fishermen were dumping waste diesel into the waters of the Chaguaramas Bay.

In a release yesterday, the group said unscrupulous dumping was being done by both local and Venezuelan fishermen.

“Every week we get reports that Venezuelan fishing vessels, as well as local fishing vessels, are discarding their bilge, pumping their waste oil when they are coming to dock,” FFOS corporate secretary Gary Aboud said.

Aboud said there was photographic evidence that the dumping was being done at Coral Cove Marina in Chaguaramas on Tuesday evening by Venezuelan vessels.

“The most recent example of this has occurred at Coral Cove Marina in Chaguaramas where pictures taken by concerned citizens indicate that a mass amount of diesel flowing is from three Venezuelan ships docked in the marina. It is unfortunate that a foreign vessel can disrespect our marine environment so blatantly and take advantage of the hospitality we have afforded them.”

He said the group has called on the Environmental Management Authority (EMA) to investigate the reports as soon as possible.

“We remind the powers that be that oil is deadly. It bioaccumulates and biomagnifies in our fishery. Every drop of hydrocarbon will leave an everlasting effect on our marine environment and our fishery.”

Guardian Media tried contacting EMA chairman, Nadra Nathai-Gyan on her cellphone last evening without success.