William Wallace - Former TTFA president

The Trinidad and Tobago Football Association has been given another ultimatum to withdraw its court action against FIFA or faces a possible ban.

The latest ultimatum was sent to FIFA Normalisation Committee head Robert Hadad hours after the TTFA escaped sanction when a FIFA Congress met on Friday morning.

In a memo to Hadad, FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura said the world governing body considered the ongoing impasse between the United TTFA-led William Wallace and itself to be very serious.

As such, Samoura said the FIFA Council had decided to give another deadline to the TTFA to “withdraw all types of claims against FIFA before the Trinidad and Tobago courts and comply with all their obligations under the FIFA statutes.”

“Failure to comply with this directive within the revised deadline will result in the mater being brought to the attention of the relevant FIFA bodies to decide on the suspension of the TTFA,” Samoura wrote.

Wallace’s United TTFA has taken FIFA to court here in T&T, over its decision to install the Normalisation Committee mere weeks after Wallace’s team took over stewardship of the body last year.

Wallace’s team replaced the then incumbent David John-Williams executive following a TTFA AGM in November last year but they were soon ousted when the Normalisation Committee was sent in by FIFA. The Normalisation Committee’s directive is to help restructure the debt-saddled TTFA and direct it on a new path to normalcy.

Under FIFA laws, disputes of this type are supposed to be settled before the Switzerland-based Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). However, the Wallace team opted against this option, arguing that they did not believe they would get a fair hearing before CAS. The matter is next scheduled before the T&T High Court on October 9.

FIFA had initially written to Hadad in August giving Wallace’s team until Wednesday of this week to withdraw the legal action, but they stood their ground.

Noting the first ultimatum FIFA had sent on the issue, Samoura added, “Finally, we kindly request the TTFA to communicate the abovementioned to all relevant persons and to keep FIFA closely informed on all further developments regarding the matter.”

Earlier on Friday, the 70th FIFA Congress convened but president Gianni Infantino said there was nothing to address under the agenda of expulsion and suspensions and moved on.

This meant the TTFA escaped the possible immediate sanction some quarters here feared they would have due to the court action against FIFA.