I am wondering about this new crime that enables a Law enforcement officer to charge a child, a minor, who is 8 years old. Do we have the endorsement from the Children’s Authority? What does the Family Court stand on this issue? The Law Association says this is good? What country is this? How is it that a minor can be charged and fined for a non-violent crime without any objection from our public elites? Are they wage earners?

The Government brought the Parliament to order to give the Minister the authority, without oversight, to bring ‘amendments’ to the Public Health Ordinance. That is all. No one in Opposition was listened to, either in the Lower or Upper Houses. Does our President also agree with this Regulation? The Learned Lady was a Judge.

I am truly appalled that we have come to this. I can just imagine the money that lawyers will make off our hapless citizens to challenge this all the way to the Privy Council.

Shame on the politicians that think this is a good idea. Shame on us for allowing it to stand.

Anne de Silva

St. Joseph

via email