Firemen outside the Price Plaza Food Court in Endeavour, Chaguanas yesterday where they were there to contain a fire at Tandoori Hut.

Employees and customers at the food court in Price Plaza, Endeavour, Chaguanas escaped injuries when a fire broke out at Tandoori Hut, an Indian cuisine food outlet yesterday.

Ishwar Ramnarine, the properties manager at Price Plaza, said the fire started in the kitchen of the tenant around 9.52 am.

Ramnarine said fire extinguishers were initially used to contain the blaze and the Fire Service was called in.

He added that the facility would be inspected by all relevant officials before it was reopened.

He said all persons at the time of the fire followed set protocols and moved quickly to the marked muster point area to ensure their safety

Tandoori Hut officials could not be reached for comment.