Denzil Balliram stands behind a burnt mug of his deceased wife Marcia Balliram, when his house burnt down at Oujar Avenue, Limehead Road, Carapichaima.

A single father whose home was destroyed by fire less than a month ago is now trying to come to terms with now being separated from his children.

Without a place for Denzil Balliram and his three children to stay together, he said the separation is a different type of grief to bear.

Speaking to Guardian Media at the family’s Oujar Avenue, Carapichaima home yesterday, Balliram agonizingly sifted through charred remains of one of the rooms in the house he had sacrificed his entire life to build.

“Ever since I know myself I working. I start selling in the market and I gone to school and learn this air condition course and I build up myself that I start doing my own thing and I get enough money to buy this house, and I still paying a mortgage on it.”

Three weeks ago, Balliram and his children ages 17, 14 and 10 watched as the place they called home went up in flames allegedly as a result of an electrical issue.

“I was in my living room watching TV when I noticed some smoke coming from the door. When I open the door the whole thing just flame up and all I could do is grab my children and run outside.”

The loss of his home is now the latest void in his heart. Earlier this year COVID-19 had left him unemployed and just four years ago, illness took his wife.

But despite his misfortunes, he has remained a pillar of strength to his children.

“I always get up five in the morning, make breakfast, make lunch, drop my children to three different schools then pick them back up, make dinner, help them with their homework, by the time I go to sleep I thinking what again to make in the morning for them.”

A new grief now overwhelms Balliram.

“I saw my daughter on weekends but other than that I can’t bring her up by my mother. It have no place to sleep. My two kids and I sleep on a small mattress in the corner of the living room. So it have no space for nobody else.”

It’s their triumphs in the wake of seemingly insurmountable trials that keep his tears at bay.

Just recently his daughter attained eight CXC passes and cast her sights on conquering the CAPE exams.

Balliram said his fate, while tested, has not been shaken and hopes that through help and support, his family can once again be reunited under one roof.

Anyone wishing to assist the Balliram family can do so by contacting Denzil at 749-3250.