A Caribbean Airlines Boeing 737-8 landing at the Seattle Boeing Field King County International Airport earlier this year. Image by Nick Sheeder.

Caribbean Airlines received the first of several Boeing 737 Max 8 last evening. The aircraft, bearing registration 9Y-CAL, touched down at Piarco International Airport at 11:18pm after an approximately 8-hour journey from the Paine Field Airport, Seattle.

9Y-CAL’s flight path | Image courtesy FlightAware.com

According to Caribbean Airlines, the aircraft will be prepared for induction in the coming weeks and is expected to begin commercial flights in January.  

Caribbean Airlines is expected to receive more Max 8 aircraft in the coming months on lease as it works to upgrade its fleet. At least two Boeing 737-800 aircraft have already left the fleet due to contractual obligations. All of the new Max 8 aircraft will come in painted in the airline’s new livery.  

The Boeing 737 Max 8 has returned to skies across the globe, two years after being grounded after two deadly crashes. The airplane has since been cleared to fly by aviation safety agencies around the world.