Shaun Ramroop

Police are investigating whether a Palo Seco fisherman was murdered during a failed attempt to rob Venezuelan drug dealers.

However, relatives of Shaun Ramroop denied that he was involved in any criminal activities.

Ramroop, 40, of National Trace, Beach Road, was found with multiple gunshot wounds in a bushy area off Beach Road hours after he was reported missing. He was found lying on his back with a ski mask over his face, clad in dark-coloured clothing, including a sweater jacket with the word “SECURITY” and a pair of boots.

Investigations are still ongoing but his attire as well as a pair of handcuffs found in his possession have raised suspicions about how he met his demise. Police said their initial information was that Ramroop had tried to rob Spanish drug dealers.

However, Ramroop’s common-law wife Raffina Ali told police that he left home around 5 am on Wednesday to go fishing and was supposed to have returned home at 9 am. When he did not return home, around 11.30 Ali made a missing person’s report at the police station. Residents reportedly heard explosions on Wednesday in the area where his body was found.

Later that day around 4 pm, Ramroop’s brother Sherwin Ramroop contacted the police and reported that his brother’s body was found. He led the officers to the body.

In a telephone interview, Sherwin Ramroop who at the time was at the Forensic Science Centre said his brother was a fisherman, not a criminal. He said his brother was wearing a ski mask because the bush has a lot of mosquitoes.

“He don’t use drugs. He don’t smoke. He don’t drink alcohol. They legalise marijuana that you could have four trees in your house, he don’t even want one.”

He believes that his brother may have seen the drug dealers bringing in the contraband, was hunted down and murdered.

“To my knowing my brother killing was not drug-related. I believe he was running for his life because all the gunshots on his back.”

Lamenting that too many Venezuelans were involved in illegal activities, he called on the government to send them back to their country. He said the Coast Guard should also be equipped with additional vessels and manpower to properly protect the borders.

A party of officers from the South Western Division, including ASP Ramdeen, Insp Putkoo, Sgt Ali Cpl Ramlochan, PC Joseph and WPC Noreiga, as well as homicide officers Jones, WSgt Stephen-James, Cpl Forbes, Cpl Bridgemohan and PC Bernard visited the scene.

The autopsy will be done at the Forensic Science Centre today. Investigations are continuing.