Salim Gool chairman of the San Fernando Fishing Cooperative, second from left, and other fishermen at Kings Wharf, San Fernando.

The chairman of the San Fernando Fishing Cooperative, Salim Gool is asking that fishermen be allowed to work during curfew hours.

“More than 80 per cent of the fishing industry fish at night,” Gool told Guardian Media.

He said the other 20 per cent are those fishing in areas where the catch is abundant. But this, he said, is not the case for those in the San Fernando areas plying the Gulf of Paria.

Currently, he said, there is conflicting information circulating among the fishermen whether they are allowed to work during the curfew hours.

“The fishermen and them would like to know clearly from the authorities and not hearsay and they say if they could go out to fish…in the curfew hours,” Gool said.

He said the effects of the curfew is already being witnessed and forecasts a shortage in fish if they aren’t allowed to return to the seas at night.

“I notice the fish market have a scarcity of certain species of fish. It is only one week of the curfew and the State of Emergency. When it begin to go on longer, they may see less and less fish,” he said.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith told Guardian Media the fishermen could apply for a curfew pass to ply their trade.

“Yes. Passes are being given to those who have requested, on a case by case basis,” he said.

Although fishermen are deemed essential for local food supply during the State of Emergency, Commissioner Griffith has previously stated even essential workers would need to apply for a pass to be out during curfew hours.