The illegal firearm seized by police during the anti-crime exercise in Diego Martin. (Image: TTPS)

Five persons have been detained by police in connection with the discovery of an illegal firearm in Diego Martin.

The find and the arrests were made as police conducted anti-crime exercises in the district.

According to an official statement by the TTPS, police officers obtained intelligence concerning illegal firearms in the district and secured warrants to search a house located on St. Lucien Road, Diego Martin.

Reports are that nothing illegal was found inside the house, but a further search of the surrounding area led to the discovery of the weapon—a loaded 9 mm Beretta pistol.

The illegal weapon was found concealed in a black bag, inside a galvanised shed, and stashed under sheets of galvanise. 

The five suspects were arrested upon the discovery.

The Anti-Crime exercise included officers from MOPS, Western Division Operations, and the Canine Unit.

Investigations are ongoing.