Contractors work together to rebuild the embankment at the New Cut Channel, South Oropouche. (Photo courtesy EDWARD MOODIE)
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Hours before high tide set in, contractors and villagers from Woodland rebuilt 75 feet of embankment along the New Cut Channel to prevent massive floods in the northern side of the Woodland community.

They had only a few hours to complete the project and three pieces of heavy equipment worked in the dark to execute the project before the 1 am onslaught of high tide.

President of the Woodland Flood Action Group, Adesh Singh, told Guardian Media today that the project was successful in keeping out the floods.

Following several hours of heavy rains on Sunday, the community had been bracing for devastation. Usually, it takes days for floods to run off.

With the dysfunctional flood gates exacerbating flooding, contractors from the area went to the New Cut Channel near the Sudama Teerath site on Wednesday, which is connected to the South Oropouche River, and began building the embankment to keep out the floods.

During the operation which started at nightfall, a hydraulic from one of the trucks broke down.

President of the South Oropouche Riverine Flood Action Group, Edward Moodie, said some T&TEC powerlines were in the way and teams arrived to assist.

He said the tides will bring salt water into the Oropouche wetlands and if the embankment was not raised, there would be mass flooding.

Guardian Media will bring you more as our teams are expected to visit Woodland and environs during the day.