Flood waters at Mulchand Trace, Penal

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Floodwaters are continuing to rise in various parts of South Trinidad, as rivers flowing out of the Southern Range began topping their banks, following eight hours of torrential rainfall.

Up to 9 am, the rains had subsided leaving the Penal Rock Road and surrounding areas flooded. Livestock farmers hurriedly removed their animals to higher ground. However, many farmers were unable to assess damages to acres of crops covered by the swirling floodwaters.

Speaking to Guardian Media, Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation Dr Allen Sammy said the major areas affected are Penal Rock Road and the Branch Traces.

“We have had reports along Debidial Road, Goodman Trace, Congo Trace and Ribero Trace. Right now, it is not possible to pass there by car. If it continues to rise as it is, it will become impassable for the larger vehicles in a short while,” he said.

He added: “The crops are covered but that damage is only measurable after the flooding has subsided. I can’t speak about livestock, or if it is already entering homes, but it is certainly in people’s yards. I have asked my people to give an update on Bronte and that area is okay, for now.”

Flood waters at Mulchand Trace, Penal

He noted that his Disaster Management Team was monitoring the Coromata River, which is filled and flows from the Southern Range. The Oropouche River, however, was not filled but people along Debe, Suchit Trace and Woodland were bracing for the floods with the impending rise of the tide.

Woodland is usually the last area to flood as the water from the higher regions of Barrackpore and Debe cascades into the Woodland plains.

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