Realise Road in Barrackpore was severely flooded, today.

Torrential rainfall has led to reports of flooding in several areas in south Trinidad.

Guardian Media understands several residents are unable to leave their homes, and roads are impassable in several areas. Some of the affected red areas are Reform Village, Debe, Tableland, Moruga, Barrackpore and Penal.

Moruga/Tableland MP Michelle Benjamin said there are reports of flooding across her constituency.

“There are certain streets where people are to pass. Some people can’t go to work amd if the rain persists it is only going to get worst,” she told Guardian Media.

MP Benjamin said a tree fell and pulled down electrical lines, leaving residents of Cachipe Village without electricity.

She said a T&TEC crew is working on repairing the lines.

Meanwhile, a bridge at Blas Cha Cha Trace, Moruga, partially collapsed on Wednesday.  And with the heavy rains, Councillor Joseph Larant is concerned that there will be more damage, resulting in residents unable to access or leave their community.

The La Rufin Road and Maitland Trace are also under water.

Fifth Company Councillor Rafi Mohammed said several roads, including Realise Road, Rahaman Avenue and Jaimungal Trace are impassable.

“There have been no reports so far of mayor flooding at homes. If the rain continues, we expect that homes will be flooded but at present, it’s just roads,” Councillor Mohammed reported.

Reform/Manahambre/Princes Town Councillor Chris Hosein says water has begun flowing into people’s premises.

“Minor water courses are full and the Guaracara River is also high at the moment but has not yet burst its banks,” he said.