A satellite image of the weather system hovering over the country, today. (Image courtesy TTMS)

There are reports of flooding in Gasparillo and Harmony Hall, Reform, along with thunderstorm activity in Brazil, Arima and Enterprise, Chaguanas, as the current stormy weather conditions pound the country.

The Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service (TTMS) explains that these weather conditions are the result of “low-level convergence over the area”. 

“The cloudy conditions with light to moderate showers are occurring mainly over Trinidad in varying localities, at present. There are thunderstorms in Southern, Central and marine offshore areas,” the Met Service observes.  “Gusty winds and street/flash flooding can occur near heavy showers or thunderstorms.”

According to forecasters, there will be gradual improvement in weather conditions towards the late afternoon / early evening period.

Flooding in Harmony Hall, Gasparillo. (Image courtesy TTMS)