Flooding inCedros

Flash flooding has led to thousands of dollars in damage in the communities of Bonasse and Fullerton, Cedros Thursday.

Resident Ainsley Gopaul, 61, said around 11.30 am the floodwaters started rushing down a poorly constructed storm drain a d quickly flooded the homes of residents.

Gopaul, the former principal of the Point Fortin East Secondary School said he was disgusted.

He said “There is poorly constructed flood gate that is inadequate. Today people have lost so much from their homes, this is the third time for the year this has happened and we have not gotten any compensation.” Shankar Teelucksingh the local government representative for the area on the Siparia Regional Corporation, said the Ministry of Works has failed to dredge the river at Fullerton and did not complete any repairs to the flood gate at Bonasse.

Teelucksingh said he was trying to get an excavator fixed to do some dredging to alleviate the problem.

He said, “The residents are suffering from a loss of livelihood for the last two months and what little they have is constantly being washed away. The authorities must make the funding available to fix these problems.”