Photos by Kristian De Silva

Floodwaters are rising quickly in parts of Santa Flora, Palo Seco and Erin following several hours of consistent rainfall.

At Lorensotte, in Palo Seco villager Theophillus Coutou hurriedly nailed galvanize sheets across his gate to keep out the rising floods.
Marcus Amarsingh waded through the waters of the SS Erin Road, holding his slippers in one hand and a bag in the other.
The Joseph family was marooned in their home and waved to the media as they shouted, ” Poor drainage!”
Lamorell Trace was totally impassable and water overflowed from unfinished drains nearby.
Resident Tara Luke said every year residents suffer from flood damage.
” The Erin River needs to be widened and dredged regularly. About 10 to 12 families are affected and we need something to be done right now,” Luke said.
Among the areas worse affected are Palo Seco Settlement, Rancho Quenado, North and South trace ad SS Erin Road