NFM offices on Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.

National Flour Mills (NFM) has again adjusted its new price of Flour. While a price increase will happen come January 3, 2022, it will not be as high as announced yesterday. 

Instead NFM has announced that the price of retail brands like its Hibiscus Flour will now increase by 10%, down from 19% and its Ibis Flour will see a 17% increase, down from 19%.

The NFM said this change comes after it took another look at the proposed price increase which was revealed yesterday. However, the NFM said this limit to its planned price hike will mean that the company will be forced to continue to find ways to keep operating costs down.

The company reiterated that the sharp rise in raw material costs and the price of Spring Wheat are two major factors that led to the price adjustment.

Reporter: Akash Samaroo