FLASHBACK… Jubilant students of Sangre Grande Hindu Primary School celebrate after receiving their SEA results in June 2019. (Image: RALPH BANWARIE)

Parents and students getting ready to face the Secondary Entrance Assessment (SEA) in August, are getting access to much-needed access to free study materials in preparation for the exam.

A team of students and teachers from various U.S. universities have partnered with The Caribbean Voice (TCV) to provide the study materials.  The team, known as the Caribbean Education Project (CEP), has published learning resources accessible via an online platform.

In addition, CEP is distributing printed copies of these resources, implementing novel file-sharing solutions to communities lacking internet access and providing live support through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to those requiring additional assistance.

In a news release issued by The Caribbean Voice, the President Annan Boodram states that the organisation also is attempting to reach students who may not have internet access.

“Students lacking Internet access are at a greater disadvantage without the online resources made available by various Ministries of Education and other stakeholders,” he points out. “CEP/TCV are looking for local contacts to advise on the best means of developing and distributing the resources and to assist in making the resources as widely available as possible. We are seeking businesses willing to provide free or low-cost printing and distribution of the printed materials to students in need of them. Interested businesses should contact CEP or TCV if you can help on any of these fronts,” he adds.

The free examination preparation materials can be accessed at the following website: caribed.org.

The TCV president is urging schools and teachers to access and use the materials to help their students prepare for the exam.

“Ministries of education across the region are invited to utilize the resources to supplement what is currently being offered, as well as suggest any changes to maximize the impact of the resources,” he says.

For more information, or to become a local partner, interested parties are asked to:

–  reach out to CEP’s Shawn Shivdat via Facebook Messenger, or via +14044069638 on WhatsApp

–  contact TCV president, Annan Boodram, on Facebook Messenger, or via 646-461-0574 on WhatsApp

–  contact TCV via email to [email protected]