A 53-year-old Freeport man is expected to appear virtually before the Chaguanas Magistrates’ Court today, on charges of house breaking and larceny.

According to official police reports, on Thursday 24th September, a 19-year-old woman of Brickfield Village, Waterloo, was at home when she heard a loud noise—that of a door being shut.

The woman checked for the source of the noise and reportedly saw a man—whom she knows as “Boy Boy”—running away with an empty five gallon water bottle. She made checks at her parents’ bedroom and found out that a five gallon water bottle, which contained $3,500 and which belonged to her father, was missing. Also reportedly missing was a gold and silver hand band, valued at $1,500.

The TTPS says PC Ramcharan, and other officers were on mobile patrol when they responded to a report of a house breaking.

They conducted a search for the suspect, which resulted in the arrest of 53-year-old SHAMEE JAGROOP, of Brickfield Village, by officers of the Freeport Criminal Investigations Department (CID), yesterday.