Education Minister Dr Nyan Gadsy-Dolly says the distribution of funding for denominational schools will begin within the next few days.

She was responding to complaints from the Denominational Boards of Education and Principals of Denominational Schools that they were running out of cleaning material, toilet paper, stationery, photocopying paper, toners and other supplies.

The Boards said there was a disparity in the distribution of funding.

But Minister Gadsby-Dolly said the distribution is on stream.

“Everything is set for this week and we are working with that timeline,” she said.

She explained that the ministry has been working towards getting the funding for the denominational schools.

“The schools which are receiving now are the government primary schools,” she explained.

In a joint statement from the Boards including Presbyterian, Maha Sabha, Kabir Pant and others, the Minister was urged to explain the “disparity in the treatment of the nation’s Primary Schools.”

It stated that principals and teachers in Denominational Primary Schools are struggling for resources to provide printed material for students who cannot access online learning.

“Many schools are without photocopiers, toners, photocopying paper to meet the needs of students and the demand of parents. This is seriously affecting the delivery of teaching and provision of learning material to disadvantaged students.”

The Boards said only large and small Government Primary Schools were receiving supplies of household and hardware items and stationery among other items. Distribution began last week.

The Board said previously, Denominational Schools and large Government Schools received Direct Funding to purchase cleaning material, and stationery as well as other necessities.

“This system began in 2013 with schools receiving funding at the rate of $152.00 per child. In 2017, it was reduced to $110.00 per child. Unfortunately, Denominational Schools last received this funding around March 2019 for the period 2018 to 2019. Numerous queries to Senior Officials at the Ministry of Education (MOE) have been met with deafening silence. Denominational Boards are, therefore, calling on the Minister of Education to correct this inequality of treatment and correct this situation as a matter of urgency,” the Boards said.