Rajdai Ramsamsooj weeps as she recalls her last moments with her husband Desmond Rawlins who was killed in Khan Trace, Fyzabad, yesterday.

Minutes after his wife and child carried food for him, a fish vendor was gunned down on the street in broad daylight yesterday.

Desmond Rawlins, a father of two, was shot multiple times and died in a drain along Brian Lara Avenue, Khan Street, Fyzabad.

Reports stated that Rawlins was walking along the road when two gunmen opened fire on him and he fell into a drain.

The gunmen then shot him several more times.

Rawlins, of Winston Campbell Street, also cooked and sold with his wife Rajdai Ramsamooj.

An emotional Ramsamooj recalled that when she finished cooking she sent her husband a call me request to find out if he wanted food.

She said he asked her to drop a box of food him and two other men.

She said he was just down a hill from where their home so she and her daughter dropped off the food for him.

“Time I walk back up the hill, it not even make ten minutes a fella run up the hill and I see him peeping. He tell me look they just shoot Desmond. I leave and I went down the hill,” she recalled.

When she got there, several people were gathered at the road and Rawlins was lying in the drain.

She had no idea why someone would want to kill him as, according to her, he had no enemies.

Officers of the South Western Division and the Homicide Bureau of Investigations were at the scene. Investigations are continuing.