Flashback: Casino workers protesting the increase in taxes on the gaming sector outside the Parliament Building in Port-of-Spain.

Could the gambling and gaming sector law finally be en route?

A report by a Parliamentary committee on Government’s proposed legislation to govern the Gambling (Betting and Control) bill will be debated in Parliament Friday afternoon.

The proposed legislation was first presented in 2016.

Finance Minister Colm Imbert will pilot the committee’s report.

The Joint Select Committee was formed to scrutinise the proposed bill which was presented in 2016. The bill seeks to prescribe regulations for the gambling and gaming sector.

When the bill was first presented, Imbert had said the gaming sector has a turnover of over $12 billion per year and the gaming community pays less tax than is owed.

In 2017 it was estimated the sector owed $400m in taxes.

Imbert had also assured there would be no job losses arising from any legislation.

It’s estimated the unregulated sector employs about 7,000 workers.