Anthony Garcia, Minister of Education

Joel Julien
[email protected]

“Les examens commencent aujourd’hui.”

“Los exámenes comienzan hoy.”

When translated into English the first two lines in this article written in French and Spanish respectively means “the exams start today.”

And that’s exactly what is scheduled to take place this morning when the Caribbean Examination Council’s Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) and the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations are carded to begin today.

Today CAPE will be having its French and Spanish Units 1 and 2 Paper Four, while CSEC will be having French 3 (General), Spanish 3 (General), Portuguese 3 (General) and Music 2 (General).

CXC’s exams were originally scheduled to start in May but the timetable had to be revised because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Registrar of the CXC Dr Wayne Wesley made a presentation at t to Caricom explaining that the administration of the modified examination process for the award of valid grades and preserving the integrity of the examinations involved the administration of Paper 1 (Multiple Choice Assessment), School Based Assessment, and where applicable, additional assessment components along with appropriate modelling accounting for historical data and teacher-predicted information.

Wesley said exam results are now scheduled to be released in the first week of September.
Education Minister Anthony Garcia yesterday said that he is satisfied that things are in place for the exams to be begin today.

“We are satisfied that every thing is in place because we have worked hard to ensure that all of our school are in readiness,” Garcia said.

“We visited the schools to make sure that the schools are physically in order because we know that we have the social distancing of six feet apart so the classes must be so configured to ensure that you maintain that six feet apart which has been prescribed by the ministry of health,” he said.

“In our visits to schools we were able to get a first-hand view of what was being done to ensure this is maintained. We observed that everything is okay,” Garcia said.

Garcia wished all students the best going forward with their examinations.

“We wish all the students well in spite of the constraints that we experienced with the COVID 19, we know that a great majority of them have been studying, they have been using every opportunity to avail themselves,” Garcia said.

Garcia said 150,000 students have been accessing the Ministry of Education’s School Learning Management System, while over 6,000 teachers have been using the online platform to upload information.

Garcia said his main concern with the upcoming exams is that several students have not completed their School Based Assessments for CXC.

He urged them to get it done.

“We still have some concerns that there are some students have not yet completed their SBAs but in emergency circumstances they will have until the end of July to finish their SBAs. We are urging our parents, our students and the teachers to give our students the encouragement to complete their SBAs,” he said.

Garcia said without the SBA mark the students would not be able to pass their exams.