Ornella Greaves,

No police officer or vehicle was near to Beetham Gardens resident Ornella Greaves up to three minutes prior to her getting shot.

This was the claim of Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith as he made reference to an initial footage review done during the police investigation into Greaves’ death.

“We have found video footage to show that when the unfortunate death of that lady in Beetham, we have video footage and you are looking around and there was absolutely no police officer or vehicle around that area for about three minutes until that person, until a police vehicle turned up,” Griffith said during the weekly TTPS media briefing at the Police Administration Building in Port-of-Spain yesterday.

Greaves was shot last Tuesday as she recorded protest demonstrations at the Beetham Gardens following the shooting deaths of Joel Jacobs, Israel Clinton and Noel Diamond at Second Caledonia, Morvant, on June 27.

She was taken to hospital by police where she died while receiving treatment.

Yesterday, however, Griffith said that contrary to suggestions by Beetham residents, police were not immediately near to the scene of the incident.

“When the individual was on the ground there was no police officer around for several minutes before they arrived,” Griffith said.

However, video shared on social media on the day of the incident seemed to show officers at the site when Greaves was actually shot.

Those same officers immediately responded to place her in a vehicle, even as one particular Beetham resident accused one of the officers in the group of shooting Greaves.

Griffith yesterday admitted they were also seeking more footage relative to the incident, as they have not ruled out the possibility that the pregnant mother of five was killed by a police gun.

“I have been liaising with the Forensic department to put this as priority. We have to look at the ballistics to verify what weapon was fired and I have asked the DCP Operations Mr (Jayson) Forde to look at video footage of all police vehicles several minutes prior to her shooting and several minutes after and we are getting the weapons of all the police officers to be able to look at true ballistic testing to see if any of those weapons were fired,” he said.

The Commissioner also again bemoaned the lengthy time period required to complete forensic testing. (PC)