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Genetic Recall, an exhibition of works inspired by Jason Hospedales’ “perceptions about life and memory in Trinidad and Tobago, integrating folk memory and African experiences of the Middle Passage,” is open until Saturday at Arnim’s Galleria, 27 Tragarete Road, Port-of-Spain.

The exhibition is open during the week from 9 am to 6 pm, and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm.

Born and raised in Diego Martin, Hospedales, a secondary school art teacher, said he is influenced by Makemba Kunle, LeRoy Clarke, Glen Roopchand, Carlisle Harris and other Caribbean artists.

“I’ve worked tirelessly to craft, digest and integrate the spectrum of my historical, cultural and memorial heritage over the last two decades, and my approach to the arts has integrated my composing, drumming, singing, painting and sculpting within the multiplicity of forms that unfold from within me,” he explained.

“I delve into the recesses of memory and excavate the beauty and aesthetics of the lived African experience. I seek to heal and unify the fractures, to close the abyss, to lay fresh bridges from the past to the present and the future.

“The African woman takes centre stage in my work as I honour and reflect her innate beauty, strength, power, sensuality and motherhood. Her titles of African queen, princess and worshipped divinity are highlighted in my work. My vision meshes with that of my elders—the late, great LeRoy Clarke and Makemba Kunle—who have painted dramatic African female figures in a new paradigm of canonizing the African female figure.”

Hospedales, who has staged solo exhibitions at The Art Society of T&T and The LOFTT Gallery and participated in many group exhibitions, specializes in clay sculpture, acrylic painting and mixed-media art.

He said: “My colourful and multilayered art pieces in this exhibition were created using various techniques to portray my positive feelings of light, love and hope. The themes presented in this work vary from my personal expressions of human figures to philosophical and esoteric concepts used to explore and inspire.”

A graduate of the UWI, St. Augustine, Hospedales said as a teacher he can guide his students with a sense of purpose and direction. He said COVID-19 restrictions afforded him latitude to engage in his art but he misses the classroom and the spirit of his students.

Hospedales is preparing to facilitate one of his sculpture courses, Hands of Clay, from November 16 to 27, at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop.

Genetic Recall can be viewed online via Arnim’s Galleria Ltd’s Instagram page: arnimgallerialtd. For further info call 714-4550, 622-9139, or contact the artist directly at 389-8126, or [email protected] On Instagram he can be found @hospedalesjason.