Nishard Mayrhoo performing with Chutney Legends Rikki Jai and Drupatee Ramgoonai in is third place performance.

An outpouring of emotions came from GI (Imran Beharry) after he was announced as the 2020 Chutney Soca Monarch.

The first time monarch ran and sat on the stage almost in a prayer-like manner when the results of the competition, hosted by Southex Promotions, were announced.

Clad in banana yellow suit Beharry sang in position 22 the song “Anna Anna” at the NLCB and the Ministry of Community Development Culture and the Arts sponsored event.

His presentation was filled with theatrics as he delivered an energetic performance at Guarcara Park, Point-a-Pierre on Sunday morning.

Beharry, 33, at one point paused during his presentation and said: “I hear an artiste come on stage and throw talk for me. But I not on throwing talk. I want to tell KI, you need love. I am about love,” before being hoisted into the crowd of cheering fans in a lit banana shape boat.

Yesterday, when Guardian Media spoke to the artiste he said he was still basking in the excitement. He said he was going to have some fish broth soup and then get some rest.

Beharry said he is not sure what the prize structure for the competition is but he knows that his production cost more than the advertised first place prize of $300,000.

Beharry said: “My production was worth more than $300,000. We passed that amount with what you saw on Sunday morning. We went into the competition for the culture and gaining the title.”

Beharry was fondly called General Imran when he sang with Dil-e-Nadan and Karma.

Five years later he has rebranded his image and goes by the sobriquet GI.

He made the finals of CSM four times before capturing the title this year. Last year he placed 2nd to Nishard Mayhroo.

GI said: “It is a new decade, new venue and I am the new Chutney Soca monarch. It is a great feeling for me and my mission is to remain grounded. I was very confident and it is a competition with 23 other people. I just had to execute my plan and once everything go as plan I know we would have it in the bag, and everything did go as plan for me.”

The Monarch said his ultimate goal is to bring home a Grammy award, even if it means that he has to change his genre of music to do so.

He added, that while the competition can be intense he does not have any issues with KI (Kris Veeshal Persad).

“I have nothing against KI. He just said something through his lyrics in the competition and I decided to come and throw love towards him. The revelry is there but it is a love, one love. Actually he sent me a Whatsapp message this morning saying, ‘congrats king, well deserve.’”

GI was not the only one to receive recognition at the Chutney Soca Monarch. Producer George Singh awarded 15 artistes and entertainers for the contribution they would have made to the competition over the years including Mungal Patasar, Rikki Jai (Samraj Jaimungal) and Drupatee Ramgoonai.

Attorney General Frais Al-Rawi and Justice Frank Seepersad were also seen among the many spectators at the show.