A nine-year-old girl with an intellectual disability was found dead in a house that caught on fire in Beetham Gardens, on Thursday afternoon.

According to a fire official, at about 1:50 pm, the Fire Head Quarters on Wrightson Road received a report of a fire at a single storey building at Sixth Street, Second Avenue.

When the Fire Service officers arrived, the western side of the house was said to be well alight and a child was said to be missing.

After firefighting operations, a search of the house was made and fire fighters found the nine-year-old girl, who reportedly had an intellectual disability, dead in the middle of one bedroom in the three-bedroom house.

Guardian Media was told that there were five occupants of the house.

No cause has yet been ascertained but police and fire investigators are continuing investigations.

Another house to the west of the fire-ravaged structure also was affected but it was not confirmed as to whether or not those occupants are homeless.

The name of the girl is yet to be released.