Secretary of Public Utilities Settlements and Urban Renewal Clarence Jacob, left,Member of Parliament for Tobago West Ayana Webster Roy, Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales, THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis and T&TEC Board Chairman Ronmey Thomas cut the ribbon to open the new T&TEC Service Centre at Roxborough.

Residents of Roxborough and environs will no longer have to travel to Scarborough to access the range of services being offered by T&TEC. The commission opened a service centre at the Roxborough Administrative Building yesterday.

Public Utilities Minister Marvin Gonzales said the additional centre represents a small fragment of the expansion of services the commission is putting in place throughout the country.

And while he has had cause to meet with the Chief Secretary in the past to address problems with supply on the island, he is happy that there has been an improvement to the supply of electricity on the island.

“It means that in these times when learning online is the norm children and adults can study and expand their knowledge base it means that the creatives among us can design, write, compose and create nice markets across the globe.”

According to the Minister, the new Outage Management System (OMS), which will improve efficiency is currently being implemented in Trinidad.

“The OMS which is essentially a platform of applications, which expedites a more proactive approach to dealing with outages, improved efficiency and will facilitate a speedier and efficient response to emergencies, will be introduced to Tobago by the end of the year.”

The Minister said while he is happy that there has been a reduction in complaints from Tobago within the time, he is excited by the possibilities that a reliable source of electricity provides.

“Small and medium-sized cottages can rely on a steady and reliable electricity supply to get their work done and their goods and services out to the general public. It means that industries can expand and downstream job and business opportunities can be created for surrounding communities.”

Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assemble Ancil Dennis said the Roxborough T&TEC Service Centre adds to the number of upgrades recently added to Tobago East.

“In the last five years alone quarter billion dollars of public money has been spent here on the development of Roxborough and Tobago East by extension.”

Dennis referenced the Roxborough Police and Fire station, which were opened in 2020, and the Roxborough Hospital, which was handed over in early January. He also pointed to the Roxborough Administrative Complex, which he said was developed to decentralize public services and provide easier access for residents in Tobago East.

He, however, cautioned public servants to be mindful of the quality of service they provide to customers across the board.

“I want to encourage and at the same time caution all those who operate in this facility and I want to go further by cautioning all public servants and every single person responsible for service on this island and in this country responsible for delivering some element of customer service.”

He advised that persons engaged in any form of service delivery “work harder to ensure that we deliver good service to the people of Tobago and to the people of this country by extension.”

The services available at the Roxborough Service Centre include payment and querying bills, requesting new connections and new streetlights, making claims on damaged appliances and making general enquiries and complaints.