Seema Mohan playing with her puppy Marley at her home at Dyer Village, Williamsville.

Seema Mohan is one step closer to achieving her dream of walking again.

She wants to dance, walk to her garden, play with her dogs and also walk into an Islamic home where she could give gifts to children.

During an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Mohan said thanks to the kind contributions from Good Samaritans across the country, she was able to raise $29,000 to purchase new prosthetic legs.

She went for a fitting at an orthopaedic centre in Woodbrook and Mohan said by the end of the year, she will have her own set of permanent prosthetic legs.

“I am very happy because I am getting through with my legs. I really appreciate it. The process started Monday. I got measurements and they sized the feet. I am really happy about the process with the prosthetic legs.”

She said her mother had made an appointment for her at the centre and she now was finally able to afford it.

“People made contributions to my account. I really appreciate what people have done for me. People started to call me to speak with me. Some even came home and meet us. They saw me in the condition I am in. People were touched with what they saw on TV,” Mohan said.

She explained that because of the contributions, she was now facing the prospect of a fulfilling life.

“I have so much to look forward to. People donated in a cheque to the bank. Now I am waiting anxiously to get my legs to walk and do my chores about the house. There are really good people out here,” Mohan said.

She said she was also facing the future with renewed vigour.

Seema lost her first leg in 2018.

A year later, tragedy struck a second time when her other foot got an infection. Three toe amputations were done and as her condition worsened, her second leg was amputated on August 23, 2019.

Battling depression in a house that leaked, Mohan’s plight was brought to the attention of Guardian Media.

Her husband Ramesh Mohan said they also got promises from Good Samaritans to assist with roof repairs.

Anyone wanting to contact Seema can call 492-8374 or 738-1717.

Contributions can also be made to Republic Bank Account number 940- 031-995-131.