Narise Maharajh at her home at Centeno Trace, Pluck Road, La Fortune, Woodland.

A day after her story was highlighted by Guardian Media, Narise Maharajh finally got something she longed for many years—the comfort of sleeping on a bed.

The piece of plywood she slept on for four years was stacked under the house along with the firewood she kept to cook her meals.

Her councillor Doodnath Mayrhoo said immediately after the story aired on CNC3, people started to call him.

“We already got a stove for her and a bed. I am also now going to Grand Bazaar to collect a phone for her,” Mayrhoo added.

By morning when the newspaper story circulated, Mayrhoo said promises were made to rebuild her entire house.

Expressing gratitude to the dozens of people who called to assist, Mayrhoo said he had started mobilizing youths from the community to clear the debris around Maharajh’s home at Centeno Trace, Pluck Road, La Fortune, Woodland.

“We also plan to build a little toilet and bath for her,” Mayrhoo said.

The councillor, who has been highlighting the plight of the poor in his constituency, said everyone deserved to be comfortable in their twilight years.

He noted that Maharajh had been like an outcast surviving on her strength after her home burnt down in 2016.

Her neighbours had put together a plywood shack for her but the house was never furnished. Maharajh, who cares for seven dogs, uses all that she has to feed the animals even if it meant having nothing for herself.

Her consolation, she says is derived from the Hindu religious songs she sings.

Inside her home are posters of her favourite movie stars.

Maharajh said she hoped one day to go from temple to temple to sing her favourite songs. She said she did not want to be a burden on anyone but had prayed for a comfortable home for many years.

Maharajh thanked everyone who has come to her assistance and said she hoped to have some comfort after all these years.