Dr Tim Gopeesingh, Member of Parliament for Caroni East.

Renuka Singh

Caroni East Member of Parliament Dr Tim Gopeesingh is stepping out of the 2020 General Elections.

Gopeesingh made the announcement at the United National Congress’ (UNC) virtual meeting on Thursday night.

This is confirmation of the weeks of speculation that he was not going to recontest his seat.

Last week, amid speculation that Gopeesingh was stepping down, former temporary senator Kirk Meighoo confirmed that he put his name forward for Gopeesingh’s seat, but has not yet been screened.

“History never really says goodbye, history says see you later,” he said.

“So I will see you later, on the campaign trail as I lend my support, expertise, experience and skills to our distinguished political leader and her team and to all our candidates,” he said.

He said that the sun will rise again on the UNC whenever Prime Minister Dr Keirh Rowley decides to ring the election bell.

“And then, God willing, I will see you all again, on the other side of the elections when we take back Government and bring back hope and progress to this country,” Gopeesingh said.