The United National Congress (UNC) believes the sudden resignation of Public Utilities minister Robert Le Hunte shows the People’s National Movement-led Government is facing a crisis at the top.

In a press release yesterday, the UNC said the shocking resignation demonstrated Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley has not only lost the support of the citizenry but that members of his own Government were losing confidence in his ability to govern.

The UNC found it strange Rowley spoke at length at a press conference on Saturday but failed to mention that Le Hunte, who is vice chairman of the PM’s appointed Road Map to Recovery committee, had quit.

“Yet again, we see Prime Minister Rowley ignoring the principles of accountability and transparency in public affairs. While members of the public remain in the dark as to the reason for this resignation, it is quite unfortunate that at a point in time when our country requires strong and stable governance, we are facing instability and haphazard leadership,” the release stated.

The UNC questioned if Le Hunte’s exit was linked to any fallout within Cabinet over the controversy created by the PM’s decision to meet with Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodriguez and other officials who are sanctioned by the United States, jeopardising T&T’s international relations with our allies and the well being of the country.

“Our nation is facing one of the toughest economic periods it has ever faced and our business owners, employees and citizens deserve competent leadership which can inspire and rally the citizenry to work together,” the UNC said.

The UNC said the resignation, coupled with the massive blunders during the COVID-19 pandemic clearly showed Rowley’s regime lacked political will, intellectual ability and vision to deliver us out of this deepening crisis.

“Keith Rowley can no longer maintain the façade he’s built over the years, trying to convince the citizenry of his competence,” the UNC said.

The UNC called on Rowley to call the general election now and give the people of T&T the chance to elect a leader and competent team to move the country forward.