There is a cry echoing throughout Trinidad and Tobago and you have to have a serious hearing problem not to hear it.

If there is an issue with hearing citizen’s cry then just take a good look around and you will see.

Many of our citizens are crying out for help and those in charge cannot escape the fact that the economic downturn and COVID-19 has brought thousands of citizens to a place of poverty.

Even as I pen this short article a few hours ago someone on the street said to me: “Please sir, assist me, I cannot find a job and whatever you can afford to give me so I can put some food on my family table”.

This is not an unusual event, I see this daily and it is one we cannot simply ignore and try to make up excuses concerning those who are out there suffering.

The budget is around the corner, so to those who are in authority I appeal to you with all the advice that you may be receiving from those who are well equipped financially, remember the cries of the people.

Those who are out of a job presently, businesses that have closed their doors and also citizens working a few days a week with their pay packets being reduced.

They too have to live in this land.

So as you put that budget together more taxation will only sink many deeper into the ground.

Have a heart for them for not every man has faith.

I encourage our Government and the Opposition to work together, listen to each other for in the multitude of counsel there is wisdom.

Lets do it together make this a reality in T&T.