The Ministry of Health has suspended the vaccination process for the elderly and will resume on Wednesday focussing on people 65 years and older.

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh said health officials have the data on who are within that age grouping and will begin calling and scheduling them to go to 36 health centres to get vaccinated.

He said the elderly homes will also be scheduled for vaccines and that the health authorities will also start going to the elderly citizens who are shut-in to their homes to do vaccinations.

He said the hope is that by July 2021 the State will vaccinate an adult population of 188,900.

He said of the 200,000 vaccines arriving on Monday, 100,000 are to be used for second doses, leaving 100,000, of which 50,000 will be used for first doses to be distributed accordingly:

Supermarket Association – 5,000
TTMA – 4,000-5,000
Elderly vaccination programme – 20,000
Tobago – 3,000
Construction Sector – 5,000
Bankers 2,000
Cepep – 2,500
Private security – 5,000
Diabetes Association -3,000

He said other scheduled vaccinations for second dose vaccinations will continue on Monday.