The Executive Team at Gender and Child Affairs stand with representatives from TTPOST. (L-R) Anne-Marie Quammie-Alleyne, Interim Director, Gender Affairs Division; Jacinta Bailey-Sobers, Permanent Secretary, Gender and Child Affairs; Ayanna Webster-Roy MP, Minister with responsibility for Gender and Child Affairs; Carl Ramdeo, General Manager of Sales, Marketing and Retail at TTPOST; and Natalie Rocke, Account Executive at TTPOST. (Image courtesy Division of Gender and Child Affairs)

In a move to educate the public on Gender-Based Violence, as part of an overall strategy to end the societal scourge, Government will be mailing hundreds of thousands of brochures on the issue to communities across Trinidad and Tobago.

The cover of the Domestic Violence brochure being distributed to the public by TTPOST. (Image courtesy Division of Gender and Child Affairs)

According to a release from the Gender Affairs Division, some 395,000 copies of a brochure on Domestic Violence will be distributed to members of the public nationwide.  The Division has partnered with Trinidad and Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPOST), which is responsible for distributing the learning material.

“The brochure features important aspects and amendments made to the Domestic Violence Act, the types of Domestic Violence, safety planning tips and essential contact numbers for use by victims and perpetrators in seeking help and support,” the Gender Affairs Division stated.

“This campaign forms part of the Division’s efforts to safeguard those most vulnerable to Domestic Violence, that is our women and children,” it added.

Members of the public who receive the brochure are encouraged to review and familiarise themselves with the content, as well as to save and store the essential numbers on their personal phones or devices, to be prepared in the event of an emergency.

The Division is reminding members of the public to SEE IT, STOP IT AND REPORT IT to #EndDomesticViolenceNow!

The public is urged to call the Police at 999 or the National Domestic Violence hotline at 800-SAVE (7283), if persons are at risk, or know someone at risk of abuse, or who is being abused.