On Saturday 14th August the Green Market Santa Cruz will be hosting its annual Avocado and Breadfruit Day, a celebration of innovation in food, drink, and artisanal products around our islands’ green gold.

“Breadfruit was one of the superfoods of ancient times along with coconut and cassava. Because of the huge yields and the fact that breadfruit can be eaten at various stages of maturity, it supported many migratory communities in Polynesia,” relates Vicki Assevero, the Green Market’s founder.

This event is part of the Green Market’s continuous efforts not only at promoting good, clean and fair food, but also at linking our current Caribbean gastronomy to the amazing histories of migrations.

In addition to savouring a range of dishes, from our traditional oil down and roasted breadfruit, to more novel treats like avocado ice cream, attendees at the event will also be able to take hom a free breadfruit tree, courtesy of Omardath Maharaj and Raul Bermudez, founders of BreadfruitTrees.com. The pair have long been outspoken advocates for breadfruit as a key to meeting our local food and nutrition security.

We will be live — roasting breadfruit over the open fire served with salt fish rundown. Creative vendors at the Market will be offering a wide variety of avocado and breadfruit based items, from soaps and lotions, to cakes, breads, breadfruit flour, reina pepiada (chicken and avocado arepas), and breadfruit nuggets with avocado dip highlighting the super nutritional value of the pair.

Persons interested in vending at the event are encouraged to reach out to the Green Market’s Vendor Coordinator at [email protected].

– Press release