The Green Market Santa Cruz will host the second edition of its “Radiant Health Festival” on Saturday January 30, 2021. Keeping with its tradition of public education about health and wellness and raising awareness about the intersections among ecology, economy and climate, the Green Market will bring together practitioners of diverse fields that promise better health and wellbeing.

“After almost a decade of working towards sustainable development for our farmers, growers, artisans and consumers, I can say with certainty that fostering community and encouraging respect and dignity for those that steward our land is one pathway towards our own wellbeing and health.” said Vicki Assevero, the founder of the Green Market.

The festival will have distinct stands where the public can learn about nutrition and experience aromatherapy, garden therapy, reflexology, life coaching and more. Among lifestyle products on offer will be all natural juices, local honey and organic produce, kombucha flavoured with our local fruits, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free treats, as well as a selection of artisanal products, locally-made and sustainability-focused.

There will be a schedule of talks  and demonstrations on the hour starting at 7  am, with a 30-minute high impact, fun aerobics and body sculpting Session led by Roxanne Sinanan and Jason Benjamin, wellness coordinators at I’mperfit Group Fitness & Personal Trainers Ltd. which was founded by the duo in 2020 during the pandemic. Their vegan and flourless snacks have become a staple at the Green Market, available every Saturday under their sister company Roxylicious Alternative Delights.

Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor Roxanne Lamy will be leading a Zumba burnout session at 8:30 AM. Lamy describes herself as “passionate about working with others in helping them achieve their lifelong fitness goals, while having fun.” She is the resident Zumba Fitness Instructor for three of the Fitness Centre Gyms in Trinidad for over six years and also at Gold’s Gym (International).

As a complement to the high-intensity physical activities, we will also be offering yoga and tai chi sessions.

At 10:30 AM, Kemada Peters will be leading a yoga class at the market’s farmhouse. The life changing effects of Kemada’s practice took her on a journey to India in May, 2018, where she received Yoga Teacher Training in two styles of yoga, Hatha and Ashtanga. She has been teaching yoga full-time from August 2018 to present and is now the proud founder of Yoga Stoned TT, providing information and guidance to yoga practitioners, old and new, with an intention to dispel misconceptions surrounding the ancient practice. She aims to create a welcoming space that promotes positivity, holistic health, learning, sharing and growing.

The above three sessions are open to the public, and available via contribution.

This year our keynote speaker is Dr. Safeeya Mohammed, CEO at SISU Global Wellness – creating resilience, transforming lives, catalyzing change. Dr. Mohammed will be giving an interactive keynote at 9:45AM – Heal Thyself: pathways to creating a healthy lifestyle.

Sifu Rahman Khabir, a longtime practitioner and teacher of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, will explain how these ancient practices harness energy and make it available to body and mind. “Tai Chi is the car and Qi Gong is the engine” he explains.  He will give a talk at 10:30 AM and then lead those interested through some elementary sequences.

– Press release