Linda Mohammed, mother of Kirby Mohammed,inset, who has been missing for the last six years.

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Six years ago, mas designer and businessman Kirby Mohammed went missing without a trace.

His elder brother Shaw Mohammed, who wad closest to him, died from a massive heart attack three years after Kirby’s disappearance, leaving the family heartbroken once more.

Yet the pain from all this grief intensified for the family with the kidnapping and subsequent murder of Andrea Bharat.

Her demise bore shocking similarities with that of Kirby’s disappearance.

In an interview with Guardian Media, Kirby’s mother, Linda Mohammed, said she has been pouring over every available newspaper article and social media post with the hope of finding a clue as to what happened to her son.

“Andrea’s murder brought back the same heart-wrenching pain and misery which I experienced when my son went missing. When I saw what happened with Andrea, I felt the same scenario must have happened to Kirby,” Mohammed said.

The similarities in both cases cannot be ignored, Mohammed said, adding that she wanted Police Commissioner Gary Griffith to look into the matter.

“ It’s not an easy thing to live with. Being a single mother, I have three other children to look after and a business. These incidents keep coming back and every day you keep hoping that one day he will come back,” she said.

Kirby went missing on February 28, 2015. His abduction was met with a public outcry against crime which fizzled out after a fortnight.

The police worked hard at finding Kirby, but Mohammed said the case later ran cold.

“Updates from the police became fewer. The only time we would hear something is if we call them,” she said.

Initial investigations pointed to suspects from Arima, the same place from which Andrea was kidnapped and killed.

Being a popular San Fernando businessman and a director at Trinzuela College, Kirby was well-known. Linda said Kirby’s Nissan AD wagon was seen driving through Malony. A perusal of his phone led to the arrest of a 29-year-old Arima suspect.

Traces on bank records revealed that money had been withdrawn from Kirby’s bank account at the RBC Branch in Arima.

Mohammed believes like Andrea, Kirby was kidnapped and robbed. However, she is unsure whether he is still alive because his body has never been found.

“The assumption is that he was murdered but in my hear I feel as if he is still alive,” she added.

Mohammed said she wanted police to utilize more forensic scientific methods in crime-solving.

“This is happening so regular in the country, each week somebody is missing. You look at the papers and see so many missing people. There is no action, nothing is being done about it and they should find a way to deal with it because crime is getting out of control,” Mohammed added.

She said she did not have the strength to join any candlelight vigil for Andrea but was praying for her family and the many others who lost loved ones.

“So many people are hurting right now, grieving. I am not the only one. If they can do something for all of us, it will help ease the torture,” she added.

Mohammed said pray was the only thing that has helped her cope with losing her son.

“I miss him. I miss everything about him. He was everything to me. After my husband died he was there for all of us. He gave us ideas for the business. He was a loving child,” Mohammed said.

Kirby was last seen outside his St Joseph Village, San Fernando, home.

He had left home for Port-of-Spain to buy supplies for costumes he was contracted to design for upcoming carnivals in Bahamas, Grenada and Miami.

He was expected to return later that day to attend the annual World Laugh Festival at 8 pm at the Naparima Bowl but he never returned home.

Mohammed called on members of the public who have information about her son’s whereabouts to contact the nearest police station, Crime Stoppers at 800-TIPS or 462-GARY.