I am more than disgusted with the bad example that Police Commissioner Gary Griffith is showing to the youth and children of this nation, and to his own ranks in the police service with his bellicose and ignorant-sounding daily attacks on anyone who disagrees with what he says or with what the police service does.

One would expect better behaviour from a trained soldier who was in the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment and who has had the benefit of disciplined military training at the Sandhurst military academy abroad.

From the way Griffith spoke publicly – and in derogatory terms – some time before his appointment to the police service about his former Defence Force commanding officer, Major General Edmund Dillon (retired), I felt he would have been a problem if appointed as the police commissioner.

I keep wondering why this man’s behaviour is allowed to continue unchecked by a silent Police Service Commission.

His most recent attacks against the Prime Minister and, before that, on the head of the Police Complaints Authority, among others, show an absolute lack of respect for any one, whether high or low, who does not agree with him.

I believe Griffith is taking advantage of the provision regarding the running of the Police Service wherein it is stated that the commissioner has the sole authority for the administration of that division of our forces, where he feels he can say whatever he wants to whomever he wants and on one can do anything about it.

It is now time for the Prime Minister to admit that he never expected such behaviour from Griffith, although I feel that Major General Dillon might have warned him of what to expect from the fellow. The Prime Minister must now approach the Police Service Commission with a view to removing Griffith from office because we have had enough of his insults and his bad behaviour.

For how long should the country continue to put up with this bad example from someone who holds public office? Shouldn’t this be a case of “misbehaviour in public office”?

A few months ago Dr Sheila Rampersad stated in a radio commentary that Gary Griffith is unfit to hold the position of commissioner of police. I could not agree more, since his behaviour bears that opinion out and his antics are on par with those of U.S. President Donald Trump, especially when one takes Trump’s actions over the recent past into consideration.

Why does Griffith feel he has to chase everything that looks like a shadow, and in such a belligerent manner?

I hang my head in shame almost every time I look at Trump on U.S. television; and I do the same when Griffith is on the ‘attack’ here.

Clyde Alphonso

via e-mail