Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

Anna-Lisa Paul

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith has asked those challenging his officers’ decision to raid and seize funds from the Drugs Sou Sou in La Horquetta on Tuesday, whether they feel any shame.

In a strongly-worded statement yesterday, Griffith condemned what he saw as degradation of society by accepting wrong-doing.

He has, however, pledged to remain true to his character and the oath he took to protect citizens.

Griffith noted that many had been voicing their “anger, hatred, and bitterness towards him.”

He said, “That is your right to do so, but when it reached a point of persons voicing their disgust over the terrible act of a Police Commissioner going above and beyond, to investigate and retrieve $22 million in cash, that cannot be accounted for, and when wrongfully returned without confirmation that all of that cash was given via legitimate and law-abiding citizens, I can conclude that the values of many in this country, sum up why we as a nation have become what we are.”

He slammed those who claim that the so-called ‘one per cent’ get better treatment saying they often use those remarks to justify wrongdoing.

“To these individuals, do you have any shame? Is that what you would expect from your children? But enough of you. If that is your character, and your pleasure is to attack those who try to help you, whilst saying little about those who rob, rape, and try to kill you, that is your privilege.”

He said police commissioners around the world had been contacting him saying they are appalled that citizens could be upset by a Commissioner doing all he can to ensure a crime is not committed.

“Many of them are also amused about the “many wanna-be police officers” in this country, who could be so naive to say that a Police Commissioner should have known that if one of 8,000 plus officers, makes a decision at 5 am in a police station, to wrongfully return the cash, so it is his fault.”

He added: “To those who are upset by the horrible act of a Police Commissioner seizing $22 million in cash in a house, (because apparently, this happens every day in every house), not saying that it is, but suppose some of that money was to be used for drugs, money laundering, gang activity, or to purchase weapons that can kill your family?”

Griffith argued that some of the people who are upset with him for trying to close an alleged Pyramid Scheme are saying it is being done to “fight down poor people”, and that the police should “give the people back their money.”

“Ignorance is indeed a common factor by some, as either based on ignorance or being a crook, how could one sleep at night knowing that you are putting in $10,000 and when given $50,000, it is 4 to 5 “other poor people” who would lose $10,000 when the Pyramid Schemes collapse, and $10,000 turning into $50,000 overnight, becomes “your money.”

He added, “No smart people! It is “other poor people” money that you are taking, but your greed and lack of common sense would prevent you from understanding that.”

He said he will continue on his path of trying to make T&T a better country.

“I have been running my blood to water for two years, putting my health at risk, working 18 hours a day, seven days a week for two years, trying my best to serve my country to the best of my ability, and in return, the specific haters get a sense of accomplishment by referring to me in the worst way they can, and this is okay, but if I call cold-blooded criminals, or those who rape your wife, or kidnap your son, a cockroach, then I am the devil. This sums up our nation.”

He concluded, “I don’t need to be appreciated, but to receive in return, attacks, venom, hate and bitterness, says a lot about others.”

“So whilst certain people continue doing what they are good that, which is to focus on attacking, criticizing, and hating whilst not being productive, I would continue to do the best I can to serve my God and the citizens of this country.”