Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

Police Commissioner Gary Griffith says if Kerron Clarke, the founder of the Drugs Sou Sou company now feels like his life is under threat, then he should blame it on the person who leaked what was supposed to be a confidential phone call and not statements the Commissioner made subsequent to that.

And Griffith said neither he nor the reporter on the other line who recorded and sent the conversation to a media house. Griffith said the only comments he made in the public domain were to clarify misleading information that was being carried by one media house.

“The fact is, during that conversation among four persons, Gary Griffith did not send any information to the media, through that recording taking place, neither did Mr Mark Bassant, who was also in that conversation,” the top cop said.

“So if anyone is concerned now about his life being at risk it is not based on any comment made by myself or the person in the media in that conversation, but whoever was that slimy character that decided to do a recording of the conversation without our permission—even though I knew it was being done—and having that sent to a media house,” Griffith told Guardian Media today.

Speaking with members of the media earlier this week, Clarke said his life has been deliberately placed in danger.

The Commissioner said whoever sent the conversation to the press is the individual who should be held responsible for putting Clarke’s life at risk.

On Thursday Griffith said the fourth person on the line was a ‘confidential informant’.

Griffith said during that conversation, sensitive information was fed to him by Clarke himself.