Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

After consultation with his family, Gary Griffith will be throwing his hat in the ring in a bid to be in the next Commissioner of Police Gary for another three years. 

Griffith’s term ends on August 14 and according to him his “haters” made him reapply. 

“Good will always overcome evil,” he said.   

The commissioner described the last three years as tough and said it would be easy to walk away now but he is determined to continue defend each law-abiding citizen. 

“I tried my best,” he said. 

At what may be his last media conference for this term Griffith admitted that there may be some who dislike him because of the decisions he made to better the police service but he did not take the job to, “make friends.” 

The commissioner thanked all citizens for the support and said while the future is uncertain if reelected, he would learn from his past mistakes and do better.   

“Let’s continue to work together…I promise to be better, be stronger and promise to work with you.” 

Reporter: Carisa Lee