Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith.

Despite the setting up of the T&T Police Service’s (TTPS) Gender-based Violence Unit (GBVU), Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith intends to ask Government for it to be mandatory for medical institutions to report domestic-related woundings and assaults.

Speaking at the weekly police media briefing yesterday, Griffith said the GBVU had been very successful in dealing with problems of domestic violence and that “once again they will make recommendations for Parliament to help the TTPS in having this crime reduced.”

“I’m hoping it can be looked at for the victims who are in fear and don’t make the report. But there would be a number of occasions where victims must go to a medical facility, private or public and persons in the private or public sector will be getting these reports having been seeing these persons are domestic for domestic violence.

“So I am once again making a strong recommendation to make it mandatory for these medical institutions, when it is they get this information, that they don’t keep the record filed but come forward and have this info brought to the TTPS.”

However, Griffith said he would like such the reports to not only be for domestic violence but any violence, including shootings, stabbings, assault domestic violence, child abuse and sexual offences. (RDR)