Investigations are continuing into the murder of a man at Laventille, as well as the discovery of an unidentified body Morvant and the decomposed body of a woman in Malick, Barataria—all within a five-hour period on Sunday June 6th.

The Police Service also is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the deceased man found in Morvant, as well as for information concerning the deceased woman in Malick.

Laventille man fatally shot

According to a police report, at about 7:30 pm on Sunday, 29-year-old Kyle Primus was shot several times just outside his home at Mapps Lands, Laventille, Sapodilla Trace.

Guardian Media understands his brother, who was inside the house, heard the gunshots and ran out, only to find his brother bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds in the head, lying along a trace.

Kyle Primus died on the scene.

A motive is yet to be established for the killing.

Decomposing body found in Malick

In a separate incident, the decomposing body of 29-year-old Samantha Williams (of Basement Extension, Upper 7th Avenue, Malick, Barataria), was found.

Police said at about 4:55 pm, Samantha’s brother went to her home to check on her but was taken aback by a strong foul stench emanating from inside the house.

He said he had last seen his sister in April and had decided to go look for her.

Her brother said he entered the house using a key that he had in his possession and upon approaching the bedroom area of the said home, discovered Williams’ body lying in a supine position. The body, which was in a well-advanced state of decomposition, was clad in a white night gown.

The District Medical Officer visited the scene, viewed the body, made her pronouncements, and issued a referral for an autopsy to be conducted at the Forensic Sciences Centre to determine the actual cause of death.

Officers from the North-Eastern Division’s CSI processed the scene and reportedly recovered one .9mm spent shell in the living room area of the house in front the bedroom door.

Police said the interior of the home of the deceased appeared to be intact with no signs of forced entry.

Body found in Morvant

Earlier on Sunday at about 2:15 pm, in an unrelated incident, the Morvant Police Station received a call from the Crime Stoppers, with a report of the discovery of a body wrapped in a sheet in a drain off Angeline Street, Morvant.

Upon arrival at the scene, first responders observed the body of a male of African descent in an advanced state of decomposition and noted that the deceased reportedly had wounds to the throat area. 

He was described as being dark brown in complexion, of medium build, and wearing a corn row hairstyle.  The body was bareback and clad in a dark coloured pair of 3/4 jeans and boxers, with one side of a black Air Force One Nike sneaker on the left foot.

The body reportedly was wrapped in a grey coloured sheet and a blue coloured sheet with a floral design, as well as plastic wrap.

The District Medical Officer (DMO) visited the scene, viewed the body, made her pronouncements, and issued a referral for an autopsy to be conducted at the Forensic Sciences Centre.

The Police Service is asking anyone who can help identify the body found in Morvant, as well as who may have information when Samantha Williams (of Malick, Barataria) was last seen alive, or who may have been seen leaving her house.

Citizens with information are encouraged to contact the police hotlines at 555, 999; or to call 800 TIPS; or to text or WhatsApp 482 GARY.