Police seized a gun and ammunition earlier today in Laventille. The following is a press release from the TTPS:

Earlier today, officers found a firearm and a quantity of ammunition in Laventille. Around 12:40 pm, based on information received related to recent shootings in the area, officers went to Upper Erica Street, Rock City, Laventille. They conducted an extensive search during which they allegedly found a black plastic bag in a bushy area on the eastern side of a playground located in the area.

The bag allegedly contained a black and brown revolver and two rounds of 38-calibre ammunition. Investigations are continuing.The exercise was coordinated by ACP Yussuf Gaffar and Snr Supt Terrence Nobbee. It was spearheaded by W/Supt Lancaster, Supt Kisoonlal, ASP Walker, supervised by Sgt Alexander, and included Cpls Sookhoo and Thomas, WPC Payne, and officers of the Port of Spain Task Force.