Investigations are continuing into a shooting incident in which three Tunapuna farmers were ambushed, shot and wounded by gunmen at their home, on Wednesday evening.

The victims, of Centenary Street Extension, Tunapuna, have been identified, and are all men aged 65, 45 and 22 years.

According to a police report, at about 7:12 pm on Wednesday 9th, all three victims were seated outside their home at Centenary Street Extension in Tunapuna, when three men unknown to them entered the yard and accosted all three victims.

A scuffle ensued between one of the victims and one of the suspects during which another of the suspects entered the dwelling house.

All victims escaped by entering the dwelling house and closed the front door on the western side of the house, leaving two suspects outside.

One of the suspects who was armed with a firearm broke a window on the western side of the dwelling and started shooting at all three victims.  The farmers were injured in the shooting, and all three suspects reportedly made their escape in a gold Nissan Almera.

The three victims were taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, with the assistance of St Joseph CID, Tunapuna Mobile-01 and St Joseph Mobile-01, where they were medically examined.

One of the victims was shot to the upper chest and sent for surgery.  The second victim received gunshot wounds to the upper right leg and is listed in a stable condition.  Meanwhile, the third victim, who received gunshot wounds to the lower right abdomen, also is listed in a stable condition.

Crime scene personnel processed the scene and recovered five spent .40 calibre ammunition and two projectiles.

A motive is yet to be established for the shooting incident, and investigations are ongoing.