Almost as soon as Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced the further easing of COVID-19 restrictions Saturday, cinema, gym and casino owners sprang into action sprucing up and preparing their establishments to open for business on Monday.

Most were happy and welcomed the news.

Allan Bhagan, owner of the Oasis Lounge, on Broadway said “The no eating and drinking, that makes sense. We reopened the first time after three months of shutdown and we came out with a “Wear Yuh Mask” song because we wanted people to wear their masks while playing the machines.

“It really is a good thing, it opens up the industry a little bit which is what we need and we hope people follow the rules.

“We’re also considering giving out gloves to our clients, make sure the machines are sanitised right after use and we will move some machine off the floor to stay within the 50 per cent capacity.”

Bryan “Rocky” Stowe, CEO of City Gym, on the Brian Lara Promenade, said that he welcomed the long-awaited news.

He said they were in a position to deal with the 50 per cent capacity of clients as they were anticipating the news and started preparations, sanitising and repairing equipment for clients.

Stowe said one of the most important factors was that it was an open-air gym and they did not have to worry about the circulation of pathogens via air conditioning coupled with regular sanitisation minimised the risk.

MovieTowne owner Derek Chin, however, called the move for cinemas to open at 50 per cent capacity with no eating and drinking as shortsighted. He said cinemas made their profits at the concession stands, and also took away from patrons the experience of movie-going.

He said cinema, restaurant and bar owners had great expectations that they had an opportunity to get the economy going, but it had been a “tremendous setback.”