Ashmead Mohammed

Sascha Wilson

Hearing into harassment charges filed by workers against Ashmead Mohammed, CEO of the Mayaro Rio Claro Regional Corporation, and three other employees failed to get off the ground yesterday.

Neither Mohammed nor the other defendants, Transport Foreman Alan Lakhan, Administrative Officer 11, Bharat Heeraram and Works Supervisor Walt Ali turned up for the matter in the Rio Claro Magistrates’ Court.

Their attorney tendered sick leave certificates to the court on their behalf. However, the magistracy registrar, who presided in the court, informed those present that all matters were going to be adjourned.

No reason was given. Due to COVID-19, the Judiciary has halted most in-house hearings. The majority of matters are being heard virtually. Eddison Rambaran, a checker, and his father Ricki Rambaran, a medium equipment operator, and mother Usha Rambaran, a labourer, who are all employed at the corporation, filed a total of seven harassment complaints against the four men.

Rambaran and his father each filed two charges against Mohammed and Lakhan. Rambaran’s mother filed three complaints against Ali, Lakhan, and Heeraram.

In his application for the harassment order on September 15, Eddison Rambaran alleged that since he reported improprieties at the corporation to the Fraud Squad last November he has been threatened and verbally abused by Mohammed at work.

He claimed his father has also faced similar abuse and harassment. He also claimed his mother has been victimised and visual recordings and photos of her are being done while she is performing her duties.

Two months ago Rambaran and another employee also made a report, supported by documents, to the Anti-Corruption Investigation Bureau.

The magistracy registrar informed those present that the court would contact them to inform them of the date to return to court.