HDC Managing Director Brent Lyons during the dry run of the new measures. (Image: HDC)

The Housing Development Corporation (HDC) has activated measures it says will protect the safety and well-being of staff and clients, as well as limit the spread of COVID-19, as Trinidad and Tobago enters the ‘new normal’ of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an official release, the HDC states that going forward, it has implemented several measures at the Head Office and other offices, including but not limited to:

*  The installation of sinks at the main entrance,

*  Use of hand-held thermo scanners,

*  Wearing of masks by all those entering the building,

*  Physical distancing in the lobby,

*  Markings to guide queues and

*  Physical distancing in other shared spaced within the building.

The HDC also notes that guidelines and protocols also have been implemented for staff members—particularly those who conduct home visits, home repairs and other tasks with direct customer interface.

In addition to the measures put in place at the head office and main offices, the HDC has finalised a list of protocols to guide activities on its many housing construction sites. Some of the proposed measures include:

* The conduct of a mandatory Return to Work orientation for contractors and workers and

* Guidelines for the arrival on the site, entrance to the job site, operations on the site and departure from the site.

The introduction of a COVID-19 PASS (Personnel Accountability and Site Systems) for all contractors also has been recommended and will be introduced.

According to the HDC Managing Director, Brent Lyons, this PASS is intended to establish accountability of all personnel on site; guarantee the presence of the requisite site systems to facilitate adherence to existing COVID-19 guidelines; and allow for the strictest adherence to personal hygiene and established COVID-19 restrictions.

“The HDC understands its role to guide accepted health and safety measures not just for internal and external clients but on our construction sites, particularly in the wake of this pandemic and the adoption of “new normal” practices,” he explained.  “We therefore look forward to the cooperation of staff, clients, stakeholders and contractors in this regard.”

On Friday May 08, the HDC Managing Director and members of the management team participated in a dry run and reviewed the proposed measures implemented at the Head Office.

The HDC Managing Director and project managers visited construction sites at Harmony Hall and Corinth on Tuesday May 19, 2020.