Motorist drive through the floodwaters on the SS Erin Main road in Penal yesterday.



Mother Nature is miserly with rainfall in 2020, but when the heavens finally opened up in South Trinidad yesterday, it left some communities flooded and homes without roofs.

Penal/Debe Regional Corporation chairman Dr Allen Sammy said that at dusk yesterday, most of the water receded as the disaster management team assessed the damage.

Sammy said a constant, heavy downpour began around 11.50 am and ended at 1.30 pm. Up to last night, there were no reports of major damage to homes.

Strong winds blew off at least five roofs in Bownath Trace, Mohess Road, Laltoo Trace and Panoo Trace. A tree fell on a house in Sanahie Trace. There were flash floods at several locations along the SS Erin Road, Dookie Street, Lowkie Trace and homes were flooded in Mohess Road.

So far the cause of the floods seemed to be blockages on minor watercourses Despite the showers, CNC3 News’ weather anchor Kalain Hosein explained that the 2020 dry season remains drier than average to date.

Hosein said he expected the rain but not the intensity.

Since none of yesterday’s rain fell at Piarco, this month is still officially without rainfall. He said T&T is on track for the driest April on record.